Monday, November 20, 2017

Jakarta, Indonesia, Taman Mini, Hong Kong Layover

Jakarta, Indonesia

I was in Jakarta for two weeks the end of April 2017. I loved it as I always do visiting a new place. The culture was different than anything that I had experienced so far and I relished every new thing. My experiences were all good but I will admit to being somewhat of an optimist. I don't mind third world hotels, dirty streets and pollution since there are so many new cool places and things to appreciate.

The first thing I did was take a taxi to Taman Mini which is a park of Indonesia where they have buildings and museums of the different main islands of Indonesia. It was a lot larger than I thought but there was a motorcycle guy selling me an hour tour of the place for about $3 so I took it.

Inside the buildings were different museums. This one had lots of original costumes of Indonesia. They were all beautiful

They had all the different main islands represented. This was the entrance to Bali

This one was Sumatra but I didn't go inside at this time

A statue in the Bali area

Some cool rock work

They had a tram you could take from one side of the park to the other. They have the different religions represented. This was the Christian church

Coming in to the tram stop

The whole thing was built around a huge lake and so it wasn't possible to walk and see much. I was glad I took the motorcycle tour

They even had a mini Disneyland for kids

I bought one of these Mango drinks that became a favorite. It reminded me of a Mango Lassi which I love!

I got to see my first Komodo Dragon and he was one big boy. He didn't move an inch though the whole 10 minutes I was there!

The people were really friendly and I saw this guy a few times around our hotel. Finally I asked him if I could take his picture and he was happy to let me

So this was a tag along trip. My then boyfriend and now fiance, was working there and so I decided to go check out the place. One day he had a few minutes and so we took a quite tour of a local market. These are some of the pictures that I didn't use in my previous post of doing a 30 day photography challenge in 2 hours (see previous post). It was totally fun

They make these traditional signs with flowers and mostly for weddings or other family milestones. It was fun watching them work

You could buy everything from clothing to cleaning supplies and even get your tires fixed

Friday, September 8, 2017

Jakarta, Indonesia Traditional Market, 30 Day Photo Challenge In Two Hours

30 Photo Indonesia Market Challenge

I decided that I wanted to try and do a 30 day challenge in one day and where better to do it than a traditional market in Indonesia? This was the only market I had time to visit so I really don't know if it was the best one. It wasn't the best traditional market I have been to but doing the 30 photo challenge made it so much more fun! I picked a random 30 day photo challenge and moved fast. So here we go in no particular order:)


2-Transportation- Motorcycles and cars are everywhere

They call it Santa Modern Market so I guess it used to be a traditional market. Anyway, its been around a long time



6-Landscape- this was the best I could do on this one

7- Portrait



11-Pop culture





16-Home- this was across the street






22-Luxury- The nicest stall in the building

23-Glass- I bought glass earrings
25-Work related
26-Gift (Michael bought me this bracelet)
27- Pattern